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Bone Loss After Weight-Loss Surgery

October 24, 2023 Bariatric Vitamin
All About Bariatric Surgery and Bariatric Vitamins
Bone Loss After Weight-Loss Surgery
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In this episode, we delve into a topic not often discussed in the world of weight-loss surgery: the health of our bones.

  • Understanding Our Bones: Just like a building, bones need constant care. They break down and rebuild, and for them to stay strong, this process must be balanced.
  • The Bone Challenge Post-Surgery:
    1. Nutrient Absorption: Post-surgery, our bodies might not soak up essential nutrients like before, affecting bone strength.
    2. Weight Impact: Surprisingly, losing weight too fast can be a challenge for bones. Bones, like muscles, need some 'workout' to stay in shape.
    3. Hormonal Shifts: Our fat does more than store energy. It also affects our hormones, and losing too much fat can throw off our body's balance, influencing bone health.
  • Bone-Strengthening Tips:
    • Eat bone-boosting foods filled with calcium, vitamin D, and protein.
    • Engage in fun physical activities, from walking to dancing.
    • Lifting light weights can be beneficial.
    • Go for regular bone and blood check-ups.
    • Older women might consider treatments like HRT but should consult a doctor first.
  • Extra Bone Care:
    • Stay hydrated, limit soda and alcohol, avoid smoking, and wear good shoes for physical activities.

Weight-loss surgery can change lives. But like anything, it has its ups and downs. One of the challenges might be weaker bones. But with the right care, like eating the right foods, staying active, and going for regular check-ups, you can keep your bones healthy and strong. Remember, every part of our body, including bones, needs love and care

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Hey there, listeners! Welcome back to 'All About Bariatric Surgery.' It's your host, Bailey, here with yet another episode that delves deep into the world of weight-loss surgery. Today, we're shifting gears a bit and focusing on an often-overlooked topic - bone health post-surgery. It's not just about the pounds we shed, but also about the foundation we stand on. So, whether you're considering surgery, have already taken the plunge, or are simply curious about its effects on the body, today's episode is sure to offer some invaluable insights. Let's dive right in!

Weight-loss surgery is a method to help people lose a lot of weight quickly. While it can help with many health issues there's one issue that's not talked about as much: bone health. Just like any other part of our body bones are alive and need care. After this surgery people can face problems like weaker bones. Let's dive deeper to understand why this happens and how to take care of our bones after surgery.

Think of your bones like a building under construction. Old parts are torn down and new parts are built up. For the building to be strong the construction and deconstruction must be balanced. The same goes for our bones; they need the right ingredients like calcium and vitamin D to stay strong. Also activities like running or lifting things help keep bones robust and sturdy.

Not Enough Nutrients. After the surgery our stomachs can't absorb as many nutrients from food. Imagine it like a sponge that doesn't soak up as much water as it used to. Our bones need special nutrients to stay strong. If we don't get enough of these our bones can become weak.

Losing Weight Fast. When you lose weight there's less stress on your bones. While this might sound good bones need some weight on them to stay healthy. It's like a muscle; if you don't use it you lose it.

Body Changes. Our fat isn't just for storing energy. It makes some important things that our bodies need like hormones. When we lose a lot of fat our body makes fewer of these hormones and this can affect our bones.

So how can We Keep Bones Strong After Surgery?

It starts with eating the right foods.

Calcium: It's super important for bones. After surgery you'll need more than before – think of foods like milk cheese and yogurt.

Vitamin D: It helps your stomach absorb calcium from the foods you eat. You can get it from sunlight or foods like fish and eggs.

Protein: Foods like chicken fish and beans are great. They help in making bones strong.

Stay Active.
Fun Activities: Things like walking jogging dancing and even playing basketball can help bones. So next time you're deciding between watching TV or going for a walk choose the walk.

Lifting Light Weights: It might sound tough but lifting small weights can help. You don't need to become a weightlifter just some simple exercises will do.

Regular Check-ups are also key to your long term succes.
Bone Check-ups: It's like taking your bones for a photoshoot. The camera (called a DXA) takes pictures of your bones to see how strong they are.
Blood Tests: Doctors can check your blood to see if you have enough calcium and vitamin D.

If your bones get very weak the doctor might give you some medicines. These can help your bones become strong again. But always talk to your doctor before taking any medicine.

Some women after a certain age might get extra help from a treatment called Hormone Replacement Therapy. It helps with bone problems. But it's like any medicine; there are good sides and not-so-good sides. So always discuss with your doctor.

Here are some Extra Tips for Strong Bones.

Stay Hydrated: Drinking enough water is good for your whole body including bones.
Avoid Soda: Too much soda can be bad for your bones. Choose water or milk instead.
Avoid Smoking: It's bad for health in many ways and it can weaken bones too.
Limit Alcohol: Too much alcohol isn't good for bones.
Wear Proper Shoes: Especially if you're running or jogging. This will protect your bones and joints.

Weight-loss surgery can change lives. But like anything it has its ups and downs. One of the challenges might be weaker bones. But with the right care like eating the right foods staying active and going for regular check-ups you can keep your bones healthy and strong. Remember every part of our body including bones needs love and care. So let's promise to take care of them just like they take care of us.

And there you have it folks. A comprehensive look into bone health after weight-loss surgery. I hope today's episode has shed some light on the importance of caring for our bones throughout this transformative journey. Remember it's not just about the weight we lose but also about maintaining a strong and healthy foundation. Thank you so much for tuning into 'All About Bariatric Surgery.' I'm Bailey reminding you to always prioritize every aspect of your health. Until next time stay informed stay strong and keep shining.